Piano machine


I will be updating this model, a “piano machine”, which I’m doing to have an advanced model to put in my book, in terms of modellisation only.
I don’t plan to get to the shading, but who knows.

Current Progress:

Starting point:

Goal: I’d like to fill those bounding boxes with machinery:

Thanks for viewing, I’d be glad to hear comments & suggestions!

Quick update already:

Added some mecanism for those pedals + made the keys more visible

Update for the day:
Added some pieces, a furnace, sheet music stand…
Btw the vertice count is less than 200k… but using group instances makes that number unreliable.

Update for the day:
Added quite a lot of stuff, still lots of empty space though, and lots of pieces just floating there.
This should be a very HD render, you can zoom in to see what’s been done and what’s to do!
C&C always welcome :wink:

I’d wish I could offer up some constructive criticism, but I’m so in awe of the machinery you’ve managed to fill this out with…

Steampunk is not a strength of mine, and I’m amazed at how someone can come up with these things :slight_smile:

Thanks Breagha!
I didn’t really make steampunk before in 3D, but I love intricate machines that make little sense x)
Challenge now is to connect all those parts together, they’re all floating right now, and also filling the blanks, I’m running out of ideas.

Little progress made today, but still here are some renders from different views:

I think you already have enough details, you could just put some steampunk-style lamps on it.
It looks already awsome anyway, I really would like to see the finished render :o.

Looks great, love the difference of parts, some sections have large pieces and others having smaller and more compact sections.
How long do you spend each day on it?

Thanks Dancing Polygon, yes you’re right, still there were some pretty big gaps from different angles, which I mostly filled today, I’m joining sperate screenshots of parts that are sometimes only visible from very close angles, but still need to be there. That’s why they’re partially made of various elements I re-used.
Thanks alot Nova, yeah I think the key is to balance large and small details, I can’t say for sure how much time I spend, but it’s been a week and I’d say, a couple hours a day maybe. It’s not very efficient work as I have to make things up as I go along, having no concept art or reference to follow.

Some matcap screenshots:

And more:

I’m not far from calling it done, I’ll try to finish tomorrow and start thinking about some lighting then make proper renders.

For now, here is a quick render I made, thought it was worth sharing as a final step.

I like the complex machinery that you’ve built and the modeling is top notch. But the lower part with the thin structures does not look like it can carry all that weight. I think it needs more stable support structures.

Thanks alot minoribus!
Yes you might be right, although I think it’s fun that everything seems to hold together by magic! Still I’ll see if I can make the feet look more solid or add another source of support (technically some parts are also supported by the pipes of the furnace behind it, but that’s not really obvious)