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Hi Im Building an Fps Game With Around 8-12 Mission And I Want To Make The Character You Play The Game With Always Begin Without Weapon And Then He Go To An Gun For Example And Click On A keyboard Button And Then The Character Pickup The Weapon And When He Pickup The Weapon The Animation Changes So If i Pickup a gun when i reload it it be reloaded like a gun and when i example drop the gun and pickup a rifle – ak-47 the gun reload be changed and when i click to reload it begin an animation of reloading the rifle Or The Ak-47 Hope You Peapol Can Help Me.:slight_smile:

Quite a long sentence. Do you really expect us to understand that? The most words start with upper case letters. I thought in English the most word starts with lower case.

near sensor + always sensor -> action actuator/endObject actuator

Make the near sensor react on different guntypes and trigger different action actuators.

near sensor property: typeA + keyboard sensor-> AND -> action actuator with action for typeA
near sensor property: typeB + keyboard sensor -> AND -> action actuator with action for typeB

I hope it helps

Check out the Yo Frankie! Wiki for a whole lot of info about states. That is probably what you’re gonna want to use.