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I worked a bit more on my little game. So here is the story : i have a root as a player and i made a little wrench that act as a a pickup. I folowed a tutorial and i set up a score panel and everytime i touch the wrench the score is supposed to go up by 1 but it goes up by 2.but that is not the problem now.I also set for the wrench to disapear when the robot touches it.Here is my main problem : i want this pickups to be around the whole level ,i tought that i could just copy the wrench and move it around the level but when i copy the wrench and place it around the map and hit P to enter the game engine all the wrenches move where the original one was,and when i press ESC to exit GE they are also at the same place. I realy dont know why that happens,if someone had a similar problem or knows the answer i would be grateful for an answer

You have a Loc IPO that is resettiing the location of your wrench

You have a Loc IPO that is resettiing the location of your wrench

Yeah, the easiest way to fix it is to parent the object to an empty or something and copy them both. You might have to do the loc save after the parenting though. Loc is local to the parent if it has one.

hmmm i think u are right becouse the wrench ingame is rotating. I guess i pressed Loc by accident, thanks for the help

when I have to “pickup” things in the GE all I do is have (in this case) 2 wrenches one in your hand and one on the ground/table.

Before you have picked it up make the one in your hand invisible and the wrench waiting to be picked up visible.

Then when you touch the wrench swap the visibilty and ii will appear to have jumped into your hand.

Have Fun

Dr S

Dr S : that sounds like a great idea, i have to try it some time