Picture Attached :: Add Oject ? How even?

Old version of forum says with the new UPBGE setting “disable in Render” would do, it doesn’t work.
So now how ?

everything that is not meant for upbge 0.3.0 does not work in upbge 0.3.0. so there are not much tutorials but you could have searched for your solution on this forum.

→ Just hide the object that you want to add.

Hi upbge 0.3.0 uses collections instead of layers, this is an analogue of layers and at the same time an analogue of linked groups of objects, perhaps you need to look for lessons on using collections, in any case, on YouTube I found such lessons where collections of objects and geometry nodes are used to create a procedural arrangement on the landscape of objects from collections, it looks very interesting, it’s a pity there is no geometry node in upbge 0.2.5

True, you did disable render but you also need to also disable scene visibility for your object.
Render != Runtime in most cases.

You are truly wonderful @RPaladin.
Also, I also now realize the render eye icon can be left on, just the viewport needs to be off.

It does? Weird, it worked for me turned off both of the marked icons, huh. Never mind than. ^^