Pictures in Game Engine

i’d love to create a walkthrough gallery for my family back home.something different from just plain pictures.but i have no idea how to get the pictures to show up in the game engine.can anyone lead me to a tutorial where i can learn this please.

I have wondered the same thing. It seems that in the game engine, everything looks worse. What exactly are you doing? Have you tried putting the images onto planes and seeing if they show up in the ge?

Just UV map the images onto planes. hope that hekps :smiley:

i have tried the uv mapping tutorial and i just can’t seem to get it right.

select the plane
hit ‘f’
for now, go into top view (num7)
hit ‘u’ and choose ‘from window’
go into the uv/image editor
click ‘image’
then find the pic u want and load it
then go back into the 3d window
hit ‘f’
press alt+‘z’
now press ‘p’

if you subdivide your plane you probably want to LSCM unwrap