pie!~!~!~!~! im a nob

i know nothing about making games in blender, what code is it in(c++ etc…) and how would i make it so when i press a button something happens? in so clueless.:wink:

Dude, read some, experiment some, www.blendenzo.com

Wake up.

lol thanks=]

Regarding code, programming’s being done in Python.

so is python a type of code?, sorry for being so dumb

i know a little of c++ and perl if thats importaint.

Python is a scripting language… it’s code to a certain extent. You can write software in python, but you have to use an interpreter to actually run the code. I don’t really know a whole hell of a lot about it myself either, so i could be not totally accurate on that :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, i don’t think C or Perl will help you much in the Game engine. If you know some other types of code and ‘get’ programming for the most part then you should be pretty comfortable learning python. Anyway, the best way to learn the Game Engine is to just start really simple. Get some stuff to move, then get some stuff to move when you press a key. just play around with it like that and eventually you’ll be making pacman and defender :stuck_out_tongue: