Pie Menu Editor 1.18.0

I can’t found anymore how I did that from the past but how I can restore the cursor (initial) position after this macro has finish ?

Hey man, I came to this group to learn and find out how to make a pie for materials and preview. Can you share your pies ? They look good.
Basically I wanted to create a materials pie, something like this But had no success.

Add these 2 slots:
First slot:

x, y = E.mouse_x, E.mouse_y

Last slot:

C.window.cursor_warp(x, y)
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Thanks for this tip but I was talking about the 3D Cursor location. I tried to find by myself but it doesn’t work, I would like to get the 3D cursor location in the first slot then restore it in the last slot ?

First slot:

loc = C.scene.cursor.location.to_tuple()

Last slot:

C.scene.cursor.location = loc

It works like a charm! Thanks

Can you add a way to arrange/ move the menus like the menu items?

So I have this Regular Menu called “Menus” which is put inside the Topbar_MT_editor_menus.

When I change the name to “Menu”, a Regular menu in the VIEW3D_MT_editor_menus got changed to the “Menu” one too. And when I save the prefs & restart blender, PME just breaks. Nothing works anymore, pies, stack keys, etc, panels, buttons disappear, except the hidden panel groups.

Hi Anphung, I don’t know for your problem but can you explain how do you get a viewport left panel ?
I tried few times to add a pme panel on the left side but it didn’t work :thinking:

I used Panel Group. I’m not at my computer rn so I can’t show you the settings, but they are pretty simple. Create a panel group, set it to 3d view, choose Tools, any context, delete the ‘My Category’ text (empty the field). Add blender panels or pme popup dialogs.
I also hide the default 3d view tools panel & put it in a Panel group I can toggle on off.

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Oh nice it works that was because of (empty the field) :+1: thanks

You can move menus when tree view is off. Tree view sorts menus automatically but you can group menus by tag:

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Thanks, will fix in the next version.

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Is there a way to copy paste tags? Like select 1 menu, copy, select another, paste.

No, but you can tag/untag enabled menus.

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Is it possible to add a space between 2 property items:

I’m trying to run a script after Rotate modal has finished in a Macro, but the script doesn’t run (nothing happens). Script on it’s own works. If I put, say, translate() after the script, rotate and translate work, but script doesn’t execute. Do I need to add something else for it to work?

My macro:




And then my script:


It’s possible in C. But not possible for add-ons afaik.

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Script should run in this case. Everything looks right.
Can you pm me the script? I’ll try to reproduce the issue.

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Hi @roaoao, when I add the Modifier List panel to a Panel Group, part of it disappears. I don’t know if it’s because of Modifier List or PME. Could you take a look when you have time? Thank you.
You can get Modifier List here: https://github.com/Symstract/modifier_list/releases