"pied à coulisse" v0.4 (calliper square ?)

Measure precisely the distance between two points
and display the result in the 3d windows:

v0.2 :Distance on x,y,z axis are shown when layer 11 is activated.
v0.3: Shape of the tool is drawn now, but 2 constraints are used too…

Now, this two scripts are exactly the same.


It seems to work correctly with blender 2.37 :

I like this tool its nice because it works on seperate objects just snap the empty to the verts. but I cant seem to get it working right. It works fine in the blend I download but when I copy and open it in one of my blends I get this
windows xp
blender 2.37
I got python working ( I think ) and I can copy, open and run other scrips in my own blends. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi JMS !

I tried to open your Zipped blend file, but Blender 2.36 closes immediately… I will try with 2.37…


Hi Again !

It works in 2.37a but the displayed distance is always 0.589 !

What’s the trouble ?


OOPs !

Found !

Alt+P must be done each time. :wink:

It works !

thanks JMS ! :stuck_out_tongue:


It works if i move the empty named Distance .
Blender 2.36 CVS built on 2005/O4/23

You are right . It’s very hard to import . There is a problem with the constrain .