Piggy head

A pig head like the Angry Birds pigs. :slight_smile:
Simple sculpt baked to lowpoly subdiv model.
I have a short film idea for it, if somebody can animate it on professional level (talking, gesticulating). :slight_smile:

Very cool model Endre, was the texture done in Photoshop?

Really nice model and textures! Well done!

Well done indeed, I like it a lot.
Your idea on animation sounds interesting too.

Awesome :slight_smile:
I really like it, superb work

Wow it looks like a pig from Angry Birds!!!

Great model! I can’t wait to see the short when (if) it comes out!

It is a pig from Angry Birds.

Thats what I said!

Oh my, it’s a little too realistic, it’s giving me the creeps!

Great job, although you may want to smooth out the skin a little more, they do look a little too realistic, if you know what I mean. If this is what you were going for then awesome, but I think it could be a little distracting.