Hello, haven’t done alot of Blender’ing the past months (I blame the great weather we’ve been having here in sweden, together with my passion for football). Anyway the past rainy days here have given me a great excuse to sit alot infront of a computer again!

I’m starting work on a few new models and since I haven’t touched this one in 2 months or so I figured I’d just post him as finished since it’s pretty much zero chance I’ll continue working on him. The texture was just a quick job while I was trying out some hair/fur ideas (which didn’t really turn out too great). Everything: sculpt, texture, render is Blender. In hindsight I overdid the use of the pinch brush (I always do this, must stop pinching!) making many of the features too sharp.

edit: in before someone says he looks like Panthro from Thundercats ;D

Hope you guys are having a great summer!


He looks like Panthro, from Thundercats!

Great sculpt, always happy to see your works! Have you tried the new ‘Clay’ brush yet?

Heh, thanks bunny. Yeah I tried it for a quickie a few weeks back and liked it, wouldn’t work for me in windows though, got the same weird spikes that others got. However the same binary worked perfectly under linux+wine on the same machine so it’s a weird error. I never really used the clay brush back when I was running the ZBrush trial, but after playing with it a bit in blender I see why it’s popular (I’m guessing it works the same?), it seems to be great for building/adding mass without being disturbed by the underlying forms.

Here’s a couple of quick sculpts I did tonight, I think the ‘catman’ has some potential although it didn’t end up at all the way I had envisioned (do they ever?)


Hi Romeo, thats a really nice model, it really has some potential.
IMHO you should try to add thick hair (modeled) on the top of the head and shoulders in addition with thinner particle hair like a boar you know ?