Pile of dirt

I want a grade of dirt to run from the ground to halfway up the portal base. I do plan on texturing it with mostly dirt and some weeds. Can anyone make a suggestion on the best way to make the lumpy pile of dirt so I can texture it?

Add an unsmoothed subdivided plane or grid under it as the ground, take it to sculpting, turn on dyntopo but don’t set it so smooth that you can make orbs, then sculpt them in.

Or use dyntopo like before, switch to wireframe view, and use the flatten brush on the flat plane just to add denser random-looking geometry around the base and less dense geometry radiating from it, then back to object mode and use dynamic paint set for waves with a duplicate of the bottom of the building that’s been extruded downward for more depth as the brush, and under wave setting set it to a factor of -1 so it goes up. Then apply it and in sculpt, without dyntopo now, build it up or grab / drag it up near closing corners since dirt would build up there more.

Or you could even bake ambient occlusion with a wide radius onto a plane and use that AO texture inverted to displace a subdivided plane upward since it’s naturally be stronger in corners and weaker around edges and then also use a messy texture, maybe voronoi, to break it up.


the video is a little fuzzy, but I will try and work it out. Wow you work fast! LOL

Thank you both for pointing me in the right direction.

yea sorry i didnt have a lot of time.

you can adjust the Size in the Texture panel, but also in the modifier stack.

play with the Shape of the mesh, and the UV map to make it look correct.

you can also add 2 modifiers on top of eachother to get a mixed effect.: