Piles'N'Tiles for Blender 2.80+

I was ported this addon for Blender 2.80+

Piles’N’Tiles provides various tools to aid the creation of seamless meshes and textures via object management in a user defined seamless area. Objects added to this seamless area will then appear to wrap around the edges they encroach by utilizing script managed copies of the object known as seamless proxies. These proxies utilize constraints to copy the transform of the seamless object while maintaining an offset to complete the illusion of wrapping around. The results can be rendered out with an orthographic camera to create various texture maps for use in game and render engines, or other DCC software.


Although seamlessness can easily be achieved manually with dupligroups, dupliverts, and other forms of instancing, this manages individual objects in order to support seamless rigid body simulations. This allows a sizable collection of rigid bodies to be seamless before they even hit the ground. The background of this page was created with the aid of these tools. Various combinations of junk were turned into rigid bodies, made seamless, and finally dropped. This process was repeated multiple times to keep object counts from becoming too high. The texture was rendered at the final resting position.


I’ve downloaded this addon but I don’t know how to use it, sadly.

Good documentation comes right with the addon:

There is also a video: