Pillow artifact

Hi, I’m using Blender 2.8, I downloaded a sofa then I got this weird artifact, it seems that there’s a texture but it doesn’t have any texture, and I don’t want this weird something like texture, I cannot remove it. Does anyone know how to solve it, I mean can you remove the weird like a texture on the pillow?

The normal looks good, I recalculated normals outside, I unparented the object and I applied scale but I cannot solve the problem. I even merged the vertices by distance.

I thought that the surface of the pillow is bumpy then I wanted to sculpt it by smoothing it then I got this image below (only in Sculpt Mode) but when I go to Object Mode then I’m back to the artifact.

The only solution is to delete this object and download a new pillow. But I just asking if anyone can solve it. The problem happend 2 times in my life, then it may happen again in the future.

Unfortunately it looks like those circles are in the mesh. This means that whoever created it went to the trouble of carfully creating a series of indented circles on the pillow the hard way for - no reason.

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Those circles are beautiful, but the problem is the pillow looks only beautiful in Sculpt Mode but when I go to Object Mode or render it with Cycles then I got a bad result.

Anyway, I cannot solve it, I’m going to download an other pillow without beautiful circles.

Take a look at the modifiers. It seems subdivisions are being applied to sculpt mode but not to object mode.

Just for testing, try adding a subdivision modifier and see if that helps. Do you also get weird artifacts when rendering?

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Thanks, when I added a Subdivision Surface then the artifact is gone, but I when I set the number of subdivisions to 0 then the artifact is back.

I accidentally found the solution, thanks to the subdivisions idea, I disabled the Auto Smooth in the Object Data then the artifact is gone. Anyway, thank you.

Originally the object doesn’t have a modifier, it’s a basic object imported from FBX or OBJ.