pilot fish

This week I’ve been little bit busy… :smiley:

I’m working on a small animation about a fish tail … so this week I’ve modeled some fish, the next is a pilot fish, next week I will start to texture all this models and fine tune every detail based on feedback from you guys :slight_smile:

Please tell me what you think about this model

PS: now I’m working on a Bicinctus fish and I’ve made and a sea horse and I wanna know if I will make a post with my models will be considered as spam or something annoying ?


Hey i like your fish, looks good. the fins look great. Keep up the good work

No way you can annoy majority of people with that work. Looking forwards for updates

ok then I’m gonna post and the other 2 models (Bicinctus I’ve just finished)

I’ve started to work on texturing

first attempt with bump maps and uv


I’m trying to make translucent objects…

this is the quality I’m aiming


… and this is where I m now :smiley:

So I need to improve my decor and the quality of the fish

I need some advice :smiley:


That’s a nice scene you have, it’s very peaceful. Can we ‘see the seahorse’ when it’s ready?

first I wanna improve my pilot fish (I’m currently working on other color texture )
I think that tonight I will post on focused critique, after that I will start to finalize the seahorse and add to scene :smiley:

So Gally do you think that pilot fish model is ok to transfer to focused critique ?

The last render looks nice! Are you gonna give it a scales texture or are you gonna leave it scales-less like in the pixar picture? I’ll be following this thread cuz I really like fish :smiley:

I don’t think your problem with comparing the quality of yours to Pixar’s is necessarily that your quality is bad, I believe it’s more of their color choice, they picked bright vivid eye-catching colors, yours are more soft laid back colors. I believe that’s the only difference in ‘quality’. Their colors really contrast each other, yours just flow together (no that’s not a bad thing, just takes away the “BAM!”)

I’ve decided to stop making my animation!

I will continue with modeling

Someone ask me if I will share my models… now the answer is yes
Stay tune for the link

Some of my renders(BI)