Pilot G-2

I know you’ve got one in/on your desk :smiley:

Here’s what I have so far. Working on keepin’ a clean mesh. I had a fun time working with the screw tool and making it work for me.

Materials are thrown on sloppily just for now.


Still tweaking materials a little bit, but I’m leaving the modeling as is (unless someone can point out something major.) Everything is accurate as far as I know other than the actual clicking mechanism which I did not model.

I’m not sure exactly how I want to make the orange colored cartridge top (shown below.) Perhaps I’ll try using SSS, and hopefully it will show through well.

The model shown now is with 2 subdivisions.

Edit: Added exploded view of the parts it currently consists of


That’s really cool! Keep it up!

Nice modelling !

Probably gonna call it on this model for now. I bailed on a little bit of realism with the ink cartridge, but it’s not too bad. I may come back to it to try some DOF compositing or using it in a full scene.

Thanks for the comments!


Who knew a pen could be that cool :slight_smile:
Good job, try to render in another engine, i want to see this look like a real pen.

I was already thinking about giving Luxrender a try so once I finally got it installed I messed with some of the features and here’s a first render.