Pin Art:Using particles to extrude needles

Ok, so this is just a little piece of art that I wanted to show…more for c&c than show.

A few days ago my brother showed me a piece from the “Nine Inch Nails - Only” music video. It plays of in an office with a few things in the office ‘coming alive’. One (the main one) is the pin art, which actually shows an imprint of the lead singer as he is singing…so, my brother and I underwent a bet in which I said that I would (easily ofcourse) be able to do exactly the same thing in Blender…:smiley:

So, I did, and this is basicly how far I am at the moment…

Just a brief explanation…
It was done with particles (which uses a duplivert of a nail). The mesh which emits the particles (static ofcourse) has a bump map on it, which act as a texture for where the particles needs to emit. I also used this oppertunity to try out Yafray for the first time…so excuse if the render isn’t of the best of quality…and, just remember that it is a working progress, but it’s getting there…oh, and the face coming out is a face of another model I’ve done previously…
I’m thinking of trying to take a real life photo/video later tonight (need darness to get bump map properly) and see if I can put it on as a bump map…

Hope you enjoy it…and c&c is welcome!
Thanx! first tread…tear*:rolleyes:…sorry it’s so long!
pss.I’ve also added the bump map

You will see that I have now uploaded an image…here I was able to use a photo as a bump-map. So that is me that is shown by the needles. :slight_smile:


cool project. the rendering looks good too. looking forward to the animation.

thanks…I’ll have to see how far I can get with the animation…I’ve already made a ±3sec animation, just to see if it works…which it did (not exactly in the way that I wanted it to…I’m trying to make it fall-off slowly, so that if something moves, it does’nt just move as a sharp object, but actually leaves a trail that dies semi-slowly…if that makes sense?) The other problem is that I rendered this in Yafray (as mentioned before-for realism) and that means that it takes quite a while to render! So, i’ll see what will happen to that…maybe I should just play around with Yafray a bit more?

To get that fall-off effect, it seems to me that you might want to do some work with compositing … to build your animated bump-map. You could, for example, print copies of the same map on top of one another, so a dark shadow is superimposed by a lighter shadow running a few frames behind. (Maybe several copies.)

And what you come up with, you then use as your bump-map as you produce the final animation. It would be a two-step process.

Maybe there’s a much more clever way to get there; I just don’t know what it would be.

ah, thanks! :smiley: Im not a pro (actually I have’nt ever done it before) at compositing, but I see what you mean! I think I will just have to play around with the compositing a bit and then see if I can do it…but I get what your saying, good idea! :slight_smile: Thanks!