i’m working on a pinball game but i don’t know if it’s good enough so far…i’ll try to make a link right now. :smiley:

ok. here is the link: :smiley:

Great game!
Some more colors, lights and sound would be great as well… :wink:

thanx S_W! i’ll work on it later.i have a lot more stuff to add.thanx for the comment. :smiley:

i don’t know the name of the author of the pinball tutorial,but here is the link to his page(to give him credit): :smiley:

I didn’t even know that there is something like that :wink:

well,i got some old tutorials from the dead blender page… :wink:

I’m downloading right now!

Also, Otto, who was really good, was the creator of that page and the tutorial. When the original blender website went offline he dissapeared too. Maybe he’s here under a different name or something?


Hmm, good work. The only problem is that it gets stuck at the bottom, it falls down there way to easily. You need to make it so that the only way for you to lose is if it falls through the flippers.


Thanx to Otto then for the tutorial.
Pooba: thanx for the comments…i posted it to know what peeps think,i’ll work a lot more on it and add more stuff. thanx. :smiley:

what you should do, is give the the ball these logic bricks:
collide with property(triangular bumpers)>>AND>>Linv motion. That will give the effect of them bouncing off.

ok,i’ll try that Joe,thanx for the tip. :wink: