Pines - First Person Schooter

Pines is a First Person Shooter made with the BGE. This is my first big project with this Game Engine and I hope I can learn more a more when I working on it. For now it’s just a personal game for me and my friends but maybe there will be more. I try to keep the gameplay as simple as possible. So at the beginning there will be only one game mode: Team Deathmatch. The player fight with bots against other bots on different maps. If everything works as it should, I will try to implement other things like vehicles and aircrafts to the game. But for now I working on a very small map and my main focus is on the AI. A big inspiration for me is the game Armed Assault 3. I really love this game and I had always the dream to create a game like this.

About the game.

The game is a First Person Shooter. For now there is a small map made for round about 16 vs. 16 units. Because I try to keep the frame rate high and stable I using no 3D-Models for the bots. The bots are all sprites. The sprites rotate in relation to the camera (like in Doom 1993 or Wolfenstein 3D). So it looks 3D. But for now there are only 2 perspectives. Later there will be 6 or 8.

Because my PC is not the best I try to keep the texture resolution and the amount of vertices as low as possible. My favorite part is the Sound Design that’s why I give much effort to make the sound in the game sounds good.

About me

I am from Germany and I studying Design on an Art School. I working with Blender since 2013 and with the BGE since 2018.

Here is a short video where I play the map with very basic AI. Everything is very experimental.

Sorry but the video quality is not so good. Here are two screenshots.

Sorry for my bad English but I hope you get an overview of the project.



Love the studio’s name :smiley:

Animations are a bit whack, but looks fun!

I agree, the animation could be better.
The graphics are awesome :smiley: tho, did you build it all by your self? If so did you use Blender?

Also, your muzzleflare doesn’t seem to have -

  1. A Texture
  2. A Alpha Channel