pining in 2.47 ?

well i dont know how to do it , is there any tutorials on pinning ?

pinning UV points or pinning cloth?

Pinning UVs, you simply select the UVs to pin in the UV window and press P.

Pinning cloth, you set a vertex group for the verts you want to pin. Then in the cloth sim panel, click Pinning and choose the vertex group.

So what happens when a cloth is pinned?

Does that mean it will hang in space like it is stuck on a nail?

thanx , i press p and it gets red , now i should do something else right ?

Yes, once you pin the uv’s you want, you can transform/ scale areas and not have it affect the pinned verts. Usually you would need to pin a vert on opposite sides to make sure a re-unwrap is even.

@Atom: Yep that is what pinning cloth does. The pinned verts will not move during the simulation (unless you have them otherwise animated).