Pink Bedroom

Render in Cycles 1500 samples. Composed in Krita and Darktable.


Really nice lighting. Is it HDRI or just a white sky?

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Thanks, just white env and two area lights behind the windows

And sun lamp ofc

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Is this bed and blanket made in blender?

nope, just download it here and setup in cycles

I thought so, I’ve never seen a good bed or pillow made in Blender. Hope dies last.

Chocofur beds really nice one

Yeah, but not made in Blender. ^^

Really nice and cosy looking, I feel like the texture on the carpet could be much better, something about it looks pixelated and low res.

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Love the style consistency.
Pink and gold go very nicely together.
And this dark blanket gives a nice counterpoint to the soft and airy interior.

Really top notch.
Not yet featured ? Just you wait ;)…

Jarek D(DJ)

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Very nice !

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Thanks! I hope so =)

Great result, technically and artistically - How long did it take to render ?

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Nice concept, tasteful. The understated presentation is the more persuasive by not over-dramatizing the space. Good juxtaposition of traditional & contemporary design elements, soft & even lighting - seems like a possible invitation to the amused & indulgent lover of some refined lady, who insists on delicate surroundings for her passions. I’ll leave it to experts & mavens to critique the technicals. Really very nice architectural work. Do more.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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My mind just exploded. This is without a doubt the best design I’ve ever seen. Ever. By far.

Dare I ask how long this took? :yum:

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excelent work.
very beautiful light.
well done,
thank you, bravo

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Thanks! about 20 mins

ty! It takes 3-4 days from scratch to finish