Pink cat (with break-down)

(Nita) #1

another personal project… original 2d concept is by Angela wong.

Little Break-Down :slight_smile:

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i hope you like it :eyebrowlift:



(Rico) #2

Oh wow Nita this is such a nice render. Very nice cat. The hair is awesome, lighting is so smooth as well. Well done :smiley:

(nawaf-blender) #3

wow good job
I liked very beautiful

(Duffy) #4

Very yummy!

(julperado) #5

Hehe awesome! :smiley:

(DerekG1080) #6

Awesome work Nita:) Love the rim lighting and the hair material. I would love to see that cat in motion.

(Madrid82) #7

I love it! Very good illumination and colours, and the hair is wonderful.

(Gspin) #8

Cute cat :smiley:

(Ace Dragon) #9

I’m guessing she couldn’t care less of what her owner wants from her, cats are notorious for being self-centered and full of themselves.

What a beautiful image, the presentation is just about perfect.

(Nita) #10

Thank you so much guys… But real credit goes to Angela Wong… this was her spectacular 2d concept… i just couldn’t resist to make it in 3d :slight_smile:
Original looks way better than mine …

she used this amazing colors…

(Tom Telos) #11

Nice cat, for an ID/avatar.

In fact, it reminds me of

(Thiago Bulhões) #12

great job!

(juninholiveira) #13

Incredible! Share with us your material node for the hair. Please! And i would love to see how you placed the lights sources in the ambient. 5 Stars from me, it’s awesome!

(Nita) #14

hi … check out break down of pink cat…

(Muroniko) #15

It’s so fluffy. :slight_smile:

(Nita) #16

Hahaha thanx… I should have added more fur on cheeks :stuck_out_tongue:

(draguu) #17

awesomeeeeeee :)) love it hunyyyy