Pink cockatoo in the jewellery shop 4K Luxcore 2.5

Sometimes designs that I create during teaching specially catch my attention. This is a pink cockatoo I designed a couple of days ago. I made and posted a render yesterday, but I suddenly noticed that some parts got lost during export. Lucky me! That made me spend the day creating this new version.

The cockatoo itself was not designed using Blender but with a dedicated jewellery software called 3Design V9.511 - Although I did sculpt some more details today in Blender. But all the rest was created in Blender, and I’ve put the extra mile to create a very special render using LUXCORE 2.5
Advantages of Luxcore for jewellery renders is the accurate dispersion and light tracing, gaining very welcome effects with metals and gemstones.

I made 2 renders. A general shop view, and a close-up shot. Renders have no post-effects at all, hot from the oven! Those interested can follow my channel at

4K close-up

4K shop view

Drawing views and scene views


Wow! The 4k closeup looks incredible, the dark backdrop really makes the cockatoo shine IMO!

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This one turn out very well.Sure it deserve the 4K version indeed.

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Thanks for your great comment. I hope it turns out to be the opinion of many :blush:

Thank you! I was very happy creating this scene, and seeing how LUXCORE made the rose gold shine. It took only 10 minutes to render at 4K up to 3200 samples. LUXCORE uses CPU and all GPUs at 100% thanks to CUDA in 2.5

I saw that you also have been doing great work lately, congrats!

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Beautiful work. Can I add it to our gallery at


Yes, I would be greatly honored. Thank you for your amazing work on the LUXCORE software. I am very happy to see that more people are using LUXCORE in many and new interesting ways, and I am glad to be a grain of sand in that movement.