Pink Palace 2019

Hi guys.

Here is my remake of an old image Pink Palace. For modeling I used Blender, shading and rendering V-ray. I was thinking a lot about the redesign since Coraline is my favorite 3D stop-motion animated film, based on Neil Gaiman’s 2002 novel of the same name. Also, this is a good opportunity for the redesign, since this year is the movie’s 10th year anniversary.
I hope you liked it :slight_smile:


You’re #featured! :+1:

Thanks Bart :slight_smile:

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i would have thought this would get more attention but you have 13 likes and 3 comments.

Congratulations! That’s a fine Job.
Any change you can share the mesh or source file? I’d like to try to 3D print some parts of it.
Thank you.

Love the upgrade … coloring looks just magical, great job. ps … also one of my favourite movies. Ive see it soo many times :wink:

Thanks for the positive comments :slight_smile:

This is so awesome - love this style!

Thanks man appreciate it :slight_smile:

Some more renders please

I like your clay renders, amazing details. But I think your ruined your composition on your final image.
It feels cluttered (with the material work the details got too much), there are no guidelines, no focal point. Everything is just glowing, there is no moment of mysterious, instead of just lighting on one room and making up a story, you lighted up all the rooms as if a party is going up there. You should leave some negative space for balance in the image. Images with negative space are more dramatic.
You don’t need am interesting subject on each side, you could just focus on one part of the scene and make a story there. Without composition, an image is just blah. Composition is guiding your viewer to the most important elements of your work. Many artists miss it out and focus too much on details. Details are the last thing you should focus on. Next time you should attempt to portray an emotion/mood/story, then add your details as a seasoning.

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Thanks for composition tips, i try with this one to have more a fantasy look so i decide to make it light everywhere. But of course I will take your tips in mind next time. :slight_smile: