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This is a very interesting tank,I like the look of the scene and the lighting is on point.I think putting neon lights under the tracks was a great idea that fits the look of this tank but most importantly the tank model is excellent.I know this tank should not be taken seriously but there are no teeth (that i can see) on the front or back wheel to move the tracks, the view port at the front looks useless since there’s no glass or hole for the driver to see.Moreover the tracks look too small for the size of the tank or the weight but i cant really tell since you don’t provide enough renders.Its a good tank though i cant find more mistakes except that i would add more imperfections to the materials if i were you or increase the reflection on the tracks because they look like they are made out of plastic but this is just my opinion.

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You gave a very good comment, thank you. I completely agree with your observations

You’re #featured! Enjoy :slight_smile:

That’s a really nice tank model, @vitalyrush. It looks like something that could fit in Saints Row universe, Professor Genki’s theme and art style scream all over this pink beauty.

Nice work. It reminds me of the pink tank that used to stand in Prague.

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That’s cool, thanks

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I’m very glad that you liked

Thanks you :grinning:

Awesome job. Looks great. I almost expect a giant bubble gum bubble coming out of the barrel.

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i love it alot, the only war this tank would go to is girls war,s :slight_smile:
ther,s no much to say as @BillyA mentioned almost everything , to you,
i understand that your not using any textures right ?
because i thought the number 97 is a part of the texture, but the way i see it, it looks like it,s a text
nice work, though

This is a good idea :thinking:

Great work! hope to see it animated…

can you share wires?

Thank you. I think I’ll do it

I love the colors of render!! hoo my god the light!! its perfect!