pink tiger

Hi there!
This is my second project in blender. A long time coming one, but finally finished.
All models and textures done by myself, following different tutorials for those parts I couldn´t figure out how to do it.
Thanks to it, I now feel much much more confident with the different stages in the creation of a character or a scene in cg…such as modeling with proper topology, texturing, shading, rigging etc.
CC really wellcome!

i love the scene, great peaceful mood, beautiful light colors, and he even reads calvin and hobbes! wonderful…

Great job!

Good job, I love it. I think it should works verry well with an OSL.

Very nice image! I like the mood. My only critique worth mentioning is that the little boy’s eyes should be tilted down, like they’re reading the page. Good job all around!

What a lovely scene, I’m surprised that this charming image went almost unnoticed. It’s really unique, almost like it was taken out from a kid’s dream. The only things that bothers me are postproduction (I don’t think that black vignetting is such a good idea; I would also increase contrast a bit and make the whole image a bit brighter), the quality of a brench model (I would make it more cartoonish and less shiny), and boy’s shaders (face details are gone with such skin material; eyes are also a bit too bright, I think black iris should be much more visible). Finally I would try another light setup, now there are no shadows and it seems like it’s a very cloudy day. I would set sharp sun on the left to make the light go through the leaves, leaving nice shadows and specularity on the characters.

Second project, right? Keep up a good work then! With such an imagination I’m looking forward to seeing your next renders! Good luck!

Great image. Nice dreamlike atmosphere. Only thing that bothers me is tree bark texture which somehow overwhelms the image. Other than that, I love it!

Wow! You really know how to make a first impression. I’m glad somebody bumped this up because I missed it the first time.

Steve S

a strong first posting - welcome to the site! beautiful composition and cool story-telling. looking forward to more!

The picture is very well interpreted, calm and pleasant to watch.

Soooo Nice! Love that!
My only remark would be about the boy’s face, which is a bit too simple or inexpressive.

beautiful,nice to see an image with he-art. “Still and quiet feline form,
In the sun, asleep and warm…”