pinned UVs criss-cross after re-unwrap

Here’s what i did: i have unwrapped my UVs and cleared my seams.

Then i pinned certain UVs.

i created a new seam

I unwrapped.

Now all my pinned UVs are “joined” and criss-cross at that!

I don’t want that, i want to reunwrap without the UVs i pinned mysteriously joining criss-cross. i don’t want my pinned UVs to change but they change.

Blender is doing exactly what it’s supposed to.You have pinned the vertices, and are telling Blender not to change them. It can change the faces but not the vertices. You can only unwrap if you have some unselected verts to let Blender move around.

I get it but the uvs that i reunwrapped we’re uv’s of the head and they we’re by no means attached to the body.
The head and the body are separate. i pinned uv’s of the body. i reunwrapped the head and then uvs of he body, fingers became crissed-crossed.

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Yes, when you unwrap the head - Only have faces from the head selected in the 3d window.

i think the problem is i cleared my original seams. i guess clearing seams sould be the last step.

if you clear your seams, pin ur UVs, mark new seams, and unwrap, you’ll have the samer problem i had. keep your seams for the rest of the body and refine from then on.