Pint Glass and beer coaster

Hey all,
Just finished up with a simple pint glass sitting on a beer coaster and wanted to get some opinions anything from texture, lighting, environment etc.

Some things I have noticed but would like suggestions on are:

  • Pint glass: I modeled the pint glass exactly on distances, so the opening on it is proportional to the bottom just like a regular pint glass. For some reason it looks distorted, is that just camera angle?
  • I tried to add beer foam and it basically just didnt look good, any suggestions on how to
    add a foam head?
  • Carbonation: This beer shouldnt be flat, how would i add tiny bubbles in certain concentrations “in” the beer?

I have included the blend file for the pint glass and a picture of render with and without liquid (never found any good tutorials on this…seems like they were only animation tutorials)

thanks for your time


pint.blend (237 KB)

I would say the distortion is due to the lens, Scene seems well lit to me, can’t find anything wrong with it. I would add bubbles with a particle system, emitter placed under the glass, with some normal and random values, plus a little random rotation to get that bobbing tumbling look that bubbles have.


pint-bubbles.blend (534 KB)

3dementia definitely has the right idea, although I do think the bubbles could be a shade lighter.

The oddly-shaped glass is undoubtedly due to a very wide lens (35mm is already quite “wide” …) placed very high and very close to the glass. You probably do not want to be doing any of those things … So, it would first of all be a very good idea to experiment with what else can be done with the camera, just to find a treatment that might suit the subject-matter better.

The texture of the “wood” table is also objectionable because it is so similar to the color of the beer. It’s as bright as the beer, too, so it really steals the thunder from what ought to be the subject of the image. This texture is positively glowing.

So… what’s really robbing this image of its effectiveness is the old nemesis of “composition.”

I doubt this will help, but its quite interesting.

You would probably have to fake the foam with a simple mesh and a normal map. If not that, then add some surface tension to the beer. Did you use blender internal or yafray? i cant get yafray to work for some reason…