PIP BOY 3000 visual [CYCLES]

Hi everyone

this is a New work that i made just for fun :)… a little tribute to Fallout 3 World and to technologies

Made with CYCLES and post producted with photoshop , modeling in blender obviously

What do you think About it?

ARTIST: Isac Amisano (Soft House Graphics)
TITLE: Pip Boy 3000
SOFTWARE :Blender , Cycles , Photoshop CS

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I LIKE that. You nailed the textures and the screen display.

Great work on the buttons too; the lit ones…

Nice work! I really like the lighting (both environment and pip boy one)…great post production!

I love the idea, and I love the render, well done.

Why isnt this at the top!!! Great work thats awesome im giving 5 stars!!! :smiley:

oh thanks Blendermann :wink: not a complex work :wink:

You PIP BOY 3000 looks really great! I love the CTR screen on it as well, makes it feel more like it came from both the game and a post-apocalyptic world.

Great job! :slight_smile:

Very nice, 5 stars! why has this not been featured yet?

ok thanks everyone :slight_smile: , i noticed that the screen doesn’t light the ground because in the render i forgot the Green Light Layer… i’ll Update Soon :wink:


updated the first post with the correct Image :wink: with green light