Pipes issues

why is this issue happening what can ı do to solve them

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it could be several reasons… (it also best practice to describe the step to make this or the modiers)
one could be to tight verticess:


A good way to think about the problem is to imagine the curve of your pipe as a quadrant of a circle. If the radius of that circle is smaller than the radius of your pipe, you will have problems like that.

It must always be bigger.


thanx that
solve my problem

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No, @Regis1 , who gave the solution was @Okidoki, not me.

I just explained it in another way.

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No sweat…The essence is: it’ solved…

Edit: ahh after been double liked i see: it’s re-solved… :thinking: by whom ? (because Regulars can do this too… but it doesn’t show by whom i could even un-resolve this :wink:)

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