piping output into rootwindow..

Hello, I’m hoping someone can show me how its possible to run Blender as my root Xwindow in linux… or output from the game engine full screen to the root window… basically, id like to make blender my windows manager… and add programmable 3d in my rootwindow… being able to pipe out any window to become the root window temporarily would also be ok… whats the difficulty involved with this, or is is easy as rerouting draw requests in a script (which one btw?) and disabling Ubuntus window manager? partial thanks in advance, many thanks, understanding security through obscurity is not easy without mentors. Any and all info is appreciated, samples examples, screen shots of it, consise explanations of the difficulty or ease… this kind of knowledge is not easy to come by i think, since blenders window system was written from scratch… if there is a way, just to open and size a window and display a 3d model with translate and rotate mapped to some keys, an example script…using blenders libraries… that would be all i need. Im guessing it could be a short and easy script, if someone knows blenders wm… it doesn’t have to be drawn on the root window, but ultimately that would be my goal I think.

blender in 3d as an os…

mmmmm sounds like candy.

So you want a sort of "plugable 3D window?

I know Monkey3d can do that.

There was someone who did this recently, before creating their own engine (http://seteeri.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/starting-out.html, BA handle: mahalin, github:https://github.com/Seteeri?tab=repositories)

thanks for the suggestions, im in China and maybe thats why I cant see some of the pages… the blender devs, prefer these kinds of questions come here, but perhaps, they are the only ones who know the process inside and out… maybe ill have to try there