Pique Tico short film:

Hello ladys and gentlemen.

I´m glad to finally show you our short film: Pique Tico.

It was made in blender and postproduced on after effects but we did use the compositor for several render settings, layers and passes.

I hope you like it.

its Awesome Work…I love it…
it must be rendered in Cycles…Yes?
Please release Making OF…Good Luck

Hello Morteza.

No it is done with the internal renderer, using a light rig and enviroment lighting.

Thank you, I have lots of material for a making of, I´ll be posting it.


That was great! Despite that it was in a different language, it was very good.

Yeah, sorry about that, I´m thinking in subtitle it, because it is posted by our university. Otherwise I should upload another version. I´ll see if i can do that with the uploaded youtube video.

Thank you for your comments!

Here is a captioned version made by some friends:

I loved it. Awesome work!