Pirate frogs Character concepts in grease pencil


I’m currently working through a book called
Designing Characters and Creatures by Marc Taro Holmes.
This book is fantastic and has made a difference in my drawing skills as I have only been drawing for a year or so.
The book consists of different levels of projects and really pushes you to pump out ideas.

Currently I am working on Designing 7 Pirate Characters, each with a designated role on a ship. I’m hoping each one will speak for itself on what their role is.
Here is the finished inking of the Characters, done in Grease Pencil.

Their names are
Phil (top left) Leaf (top right)
Bull (middle left) Strike ( middle) Slim (middle right)
Lilith ( bottom left) Arnold ( bottom right)

I’d be happy to hear what people think each Character’s role on the ship would be.

I am currently working on color presentation for them so that will be posted once it is done.

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Finished the coloring.

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Very nice, the drawings speak so much about the difference in each Role/Character.

I can clearly see a project/Idea behind these :slight_smile:

The best for me it’s the One with the hand on the Forehead and the “Speedoos”, the Lookout I think.

Nice and Smooth :melting_face:

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the feedback! :grinning:

I’m happy that you find their roles to be clear and that you like Phil :smile: he is one of my favorites too. Oh and you are correct he is the lookout haha

Maybe one day I will come back to this as I become more experienced.

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