Pirate model

So I thought I’d start a 3D model as it has been ages.

Here is my wip… Objectives to finish this in 2 days… Excluding the parot.

And have a clay model

Reference pic

I think it looks great so far. nice look to the materials right now. Matcap?

LOL, no that’s just a pic I’m modelling it for… My modelling skills need work…

Here’s a quick update.

As far as I understand the picture above (I see only one) is a reference picture from which he will model his pirate (or has he already been modeled? It’s not clear).

EDIT: ok, I see that your work in progress has been added the moment before I submitted my post.

That hat bad, need to remodel I think.

Yeah, it’s a little lumpy, and you need to fan out the ends a bit more. Besides that, I’d say you’re off to an excellent start.

Okay, removed the hat and going to start again on a clean mesh for the hat.

Quick render with cycles, I just love rendering :yes:

Things I’m not happy with…

  1. Need to work on the hands.
  2. Create screw heads for the joints (elbow and knees)
  3. Work on flairing out the right bottom leg… Add more detail
  4. Left leg ball, needs more detail like a screw and it looks to be halved.
  5. Then work on the shoulder pads, hat and adding details.
  6. I might rig this.

Well, I like that Cycles render.

Thanks! Small update…

Added the hands, worked on the flair on the foot, added screw heads to elbow joints.

1.Shrink Torso, I think it is too long
2.Add detail to feet, knee ball joint
3.Retopo hips, they are too square, I can’t see the reference image but I assume they are more rounded.
4.Then do shoulder pads, hat and details.
5.Try a turntable first before rigging and animate. [already checked out tutorial for this]


I officially suck at modelling. I’m ok with primitive shapes such as cubes, sphere etc, but other meshes… No idea.

I tried doing the hat several times… How can I model the hat?

Update… Broadened the chest and made the hips more rounded, I think it looks better.

I hate describing stuff, cuz I always feel like I’m being condescending. :stuck_out_tongue:

…also I suck at explaining things. But…

Okay. Think of the basic shape of the hat. Real basic, like what would it look like if I made it out of a rectangle with 8 loop slices. Cut it up by turning on loop slices, scroll the mouse wheel until you have six slices, then move the edges into position until you have a blocky outline outline of your hat. Then add a loop slice down the side. Select your edges along the front, where the hat billows out, and move it until your edges until you, once again, have a basic outline of the shape. Keep adding edge loops along the side to give you more geometry to work more detail into your object. Once you’re happy with the shape, just add in extra loop slices to refine, refine, and refine some more. Smooth out your curves, add in extra detail, and eventually, you’ll have your hat.

Here’s the wireframe for a quickie model I whipped up. See if it helps you out at all.

It looks good, maybe add some more subsurfs for the cap?

Wow thanks renzatic, will get cracking…

Also just saw an informative studio setup video so gonna try a better render with cycles later this evening.

finally got time to starting the hat.

need to work on the side view topo.:eyebrowlift2:

It looks like you’re doing things the hard way. Starting out with a ton of edges, and trying to sculpt it to your shape by hand. You’re dealing with a ton of verts and edges you shouldn’t have to mess with. Like I said, you want to start out really basic. Like so…

(little side note, I’m using Modo because I’m faster with it at the moment. The workflow will be exactly the same though)

Start out with a rectangle and make a few loop slices. Move these cuts into position…

Then make a loop slice across the middle. Select the two edges along that middle, move them into position, then select the two corresponding edges along the bottom, and do the same

Now, make another couple of loop cuts above and below your last, then…yup, move the edges into place again.

See what I’m doing? Instead of having to deal with a whole ton of edges I’ll have to tweak and tweak and tweak to get into shape, I’m only dealing with two edges. If I want more detail, all I have to do is add another loop slice or two. Once I’ve got my basic shape down, anything else I add will conform to it. All I have to do is make a few tweaks, and there I go. More detail, more smoothness, with only 1/10th the work.

I can bang out my object, add some constraint loops, and either subsurf it, or do a smooth subdivide, and get the end result in about 3 minutes. The way you’re going? You’ll be spending FOREVER working on the thing.

Yeah that did take forever…

Ok I’m gonna have to start again with the hat. But I want to do this properly…

It’s getting a little late here so will look at your procedure again tomorrow. Once again thanks for taking time out to help me.