Pirate Pendants - Shapeways (Patina and macro photos update)

Looks great man. Makes me want to try my hand at this!

These pendants are really cool!
I have had a couple things printed at shapeways. Great Company.

Keep up the great work

woah this makes me want to be a pirate xD

Thanks again for the comments all.

I had a PM about the render setup for the Cycles stuff. For those who saw my other thread with the bird earrings you might have seen the file already, but may as well post it here as well.

simple_jewellery_setup2.blend - about 2mb, most of which is a (modified slightly) grunge texture for the ground.

Contains simple monkey heads with the materials, but the ground plane texture, lighting and compositing are all in there. Use as you see fit.

Note, can’t remember what build of Blender and therefore Cycles this used. File might need some tweaking.