Pirate Ship Game (.blend)

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a pirate ship game.

I read somewhere that just by having a boat in your game it makes it 30% better so I put 2 in! :wink:

Arrow keys to move around, Space bar to fire.

Here’s the link (physics8.blend): http://files.filefront.com//;6764155;;/

Mirror link: http://www.savefile.com/files/502211

Let me know what you think so far…

Oh Yeah… Developed in Blender 2.42a

pics please

Link doesn’t work for me. Mirror please.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I click on filefront the download link, I get a blank page with as title the download link, but nothing happens.

Grrrrrreat! Yep that’s what I think, now you just have to make the cannons fire and all that! Oh and you might wan’t to fine tune the controls aswell…

JD-multi be patient, click again :slight_smile:

Well, so far, there’s not much to think about :slight_smile:
But it’s a nice start, quite lovely
Keep working

Screenshots please, if you may.

It’s cool Brave, no pictures needed on this one…

No, it’s not cool. I’d rather take a look at what it is before i waste my time downloading it.

I am trying to download it but the link is broken, there is other way?

What?? the link is broken?? I will edit the first post with another link.

Here it is as well:


Here are a couple of quickscreenshots:


The cannons do fire - make sure you are using Blender 2.42a not 2.43 or any of its test builds.

What’s wrong with the controls?? They work fine for me?? arrows to move, spacebar to shoot.

Hope you guys who couldn’t download it before can now!

nice demo… fun to play…impressive! controls work fine… if you could make it work in RC3 you could have multiple UV sets to make a transition textures for the shore… i liked the boats and the animations… a skymap would look cool and some wakes and ripple animations when the cannon balls hit the water… would be sweet… I only downloaded when I saw the screenshot and it was worth it.

Very nice! I tried downloading yesterday and it didn’t work, but I tried again today and it was fine.

Very nice. I like your AI, aswell as your environment and water but try to speed up your FPS. I know I have a really weird computer but it only ran 4 FPS on my computer.


Thanks for your comments!

I hope you guys who had trouble downloading it were able to get it on the second link…

This multiple UV thing looks very cool, I’ll have to play around and see if I can get it happening…

I have a couple of questions if anyone is able to answer them:
The water at the shore of the island flickers annoyingly. is there anyway to stop that? I think it might be because it is an animated texture on an Additive face, but I don’t really know why it is happening…

Is there any way to change the value of the delay for the slow parent in game?

Lastly, how do you do a skybox with mist still turned on? can it be done?


C-106 Delta: Your right, I think you must have a weird computer, I’m getting mostly a smooth 60 fps, with occasional drops to Min 48 fps…

please how can i create similar texture to this water texture?
in gimp, photoshop? but how to do it to make it as good as this,