Pirelli PZero tires [NEW picture, Aug. 22, end of 1st page]

These are the tires that I used in my Jaguar XJ220 (it was posted here about 1-2 weeks ago). I worked more on the meshes, and tried a seperate pic with just the tires aiming for photorealism, here it is, comments are welcome:
(rendered with Yafray)


(Modelled after the Pirelli PZero Assymetrico tires.)

Nice, why are the middle of the tires different from each other?

I modelled them after reference pictures, the front and rear tires of the Jaguar are different. One difference is the rims, plus the front tires are also somewhat smaller.

if one was smaller they wouldnt have the same size number 296/40 z017 is the size of the tire.

Uhh, good point! :slight_smile: I’ll fix it for the next version, plus add some of those little rubber thingies that stick out of new tires. It’s just that it takes so long to render…

I like them … . they are good … the only thing I don’t understand and wich sticks out cosmiticly is the ‘hole’ in the right tire… it’s completely ‘white’… Should you see something trhough it like ther est of the holes ?


Very nice models!

Question: is the tread on the tires modeled mesh, displacement map, or some other trick?

One small crit: the raised white lettering on the tires is a bit too much. It was the one aspect of your otherwise excellent Jaguar model that I had a tiny cringe about. More of just a fashion preference, I guess.

Beautiful work, otherwise.

Well, these are just the tires, they aren’t installed on the car, so basically the rims are empty inside. You can see either the rim’s inside through the holes, or the ground, which happens to be white. I guess it does look a bit odd, I might change the viewing angle to change that.

No trick, it’s a modelled mesh, about 100,000 polys/tire.
The reason for the text sticking out is that I started with a simple texture on the tire mesh, which looked very fake, so I rather made a Text object, and put that on the tires. The text is supposed to stick out on these kind of tires, though this might be too much.

No trick, it’s a modelled mesh, about 100,000 polys/tire.

Sweet! Any chance of posting just the tire mesh to save others the work of re-creating them?

The text is supposed to stick out on these kind of tires, though this might be too much.

No, I like the way the model/render looks. To have it raised just ever-so-slightly, like you have it (allowing a touch of light to catch its edge) adds a level of realism, I think. I was just talking about white-letter tires in general not having been really big since the '70s, at least here in the States. Kinda out of fashion (much like wearing a lime green leisure suit to a party), especially for such a sweet supercar like the Jag.

there pretty gnary dude, keep up the good work, maby some new shots?

Also, raised white lettering on tires is only white on the surface of the letters – the sides are the same black rubber.

If you want a new-look to the tires, put some light blue streaks across the letters (they’re shipped coated in blue gunk that’s cleaned off by the installers).

Could it be that the rubber is a bit too shiny to be real? They look rather ‘plastic’ to me. Then again, I’m not a tire freak.

Hmmm, if it doesn’t increase render time too much, I’d increase the AO samples to about 15 or so. Up to 20.


If your goal is photorealism -

I would echo a previous posters crit that the white lettering is too much - it seems too big, and there would be other non-white lettering on the tyre e.g. PSI rating/serial numbers/whatever in raised rubber print. - its absence makes the the white lettering even more prominent.

Also I would agree the tyres look very plastic… the edges of the tread pattern seem very bevelled - maybe the material just means the bevels catch too much light, but i’ve never seen a tyres tread catch those super-white highlights - if anything the edges on a brand-new tyre are sharper than that e.g. less bevel, and don’t reflect light like that at all.

I think it could be reduced to unnoticeable with different material settings - less specularity i’d say - The top tyre looks more like i would expect - e.g. no bright highlights on the tread edges. A little bit is probably good, but not too much.

I think this render just needs more subtlely - otherwise the modelling is excellent

Ok, I finally got around to rendering the newer version of the tires.

The changes:

  • the tires’ material should be more realistic now
  • only the top of the text is white, the sides that stand out of the rubber are black
  • less bevel on the tires
  • I originally added the little rubber thingies, but for some reason no matter how thick or thin, short or long, many or few I made them, they don’t look good at all on the render, so I got rid of them.
  • both tires are the same size now, but the rims still differ (front and rear wheels)


looks good, didu get my pm dude?