Pitch black with emition materials

I’m having problems with my scene. I don’t know why, but suddenly my scene in rendered view is pitch black, and I’m pretty sure I did nothing to it. It worked fine for a few renders, but now it’s all black…why??

Why.blend (206 KB)

You have no objects in your scene. There are three mesh lights, a dark floor and a camera. It renders darkish because you have a dark material on the floor. It’s not pitch black though, so there’s some hope for this blend. Here is a poorly lit suzanne in the scene to say hi.

You should increase the strength of the emission on the lights. The floor you should probably change to some sort simple diffuse mixed with glossy. Using an add shader with tranlucent is more of complex thing and isn’t right for a floor. The glossy us usually much closer to white than the 50% grey you have.

The reason there’s nothing in the scene is because the model is too big to fit into the blend file, and it didn’t matter if the model was in the scene or not, the same result happened

This is the actual scene

changed all the mesh lights to 20, still black…if you need the full blender file, just ask…but even without the model it’s still the same :confused: