pivot setup problem

(pixel_kid) #1

hi, i’m a blender newbie :smiley:

i have openned a .dxf human model in blender
this model is composed of several separate meshes for
arms, head, legs, etc.

my problem is these meshes’ pivot points all have the same location,
i want to animate this model but i have to place the pivot points in
correct locations first

how do i do this in blender? other 3d softwares allow moving the
pivot points but i don’t know how to do this in blender :-?

(theeth) #2

use the Center Cursor button in the Edit Buttons window (F9) to move the pivot point to the cursor.


(pixel_kid) #3

alright! this is what im looking for :smiley:
thanks a lot! :wink: