Pivoting Object on bone.

Hi, i’m new to these forums, and also relatively new to blender. I’ve just got into rigging, and i’ve hit a problem. When trying to pivot a rectangle along a bone, It rotates the object, not pivots it. I have looked at the pivot modifier and tried to child it to a vertex group of the object above ( A UV sphere) But to no avail. I’m just wondering, how do you get it to pivot on an axis, in this case the top axis of the bone (or whatever it is…)

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you in advance!

Pivot is the rotational center. The Blender object rotates about its object center. Bone rotates about its base point.

If you want to rotate object along particular pivot point you need to move its object center there.

If you want to use the bone to rotate the rectangular object, you need to parent the bone to object. Bone rotation is done in Pose mode.