pixar secrets

i thought you guys might like this :smiley:
i hope it falls under CG Discussions xD

I never would’ve thought there would be so many Easter eggs in the Pixar movies considering that I don’t go through them in slo-motion or even frame-by-frame.

I also found something else from Pixar that many may not have known about, did you know they made computers at one point?

I have seen these in some documentary’s but i didn’t know they made them thanks for the info :smiley:

that pizza truck…


lol… :eyebrowlift2:

…I knew the Pizza Planet truck popped up pretty much everywhere, but I had no idea there were so many others XD Great find!

lol i never noticed any of them when i watched

Meanwhile, one of the ads up the top of the page is for “Magimix Blender”.
face palm

o.O… rendered in blender XD

Now that their new movie Brave has been out for a while, are they going to update the page soon (in part wondering how they would handle the Pizza Truck for the time period that the movie is in)?

The Pizza Truck is in Brave. It’s one of the wood carvings in the witch’s hut. There’s also a reference to Monsters, Inc. in the same scene.

One thing that isn’t seen on that website is the pixar continuous reference to A113 - I think the only one it isn’t in is Monsters Inc. A113 is a classroom at Clatech where most of the artists learnt their trade so to speak. It was the Registration number of the Mum’s car in Toy Story. Mr Incredible is held on floor A1, room 13, in Wall.E it is the code for the autopilot, in Cars it is the number on the front of the train which nearly hits McQueen - It helps to have a 2 and a half year old that loves Pixar films - means they are on TV everyday in my house!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Pixar_film_references A list of stuff to look out for next time they are on!

I guess it just goes to show what CG-nuts do while they’re waiting for renders to finish! :smiley:

(P.S.: Merry Christmas!) :RocknRoll: