Pixar Universal Scene Description

This looks really promising, and from what I’ve heard they are going to release it as open-source.


Seems that progress goes on and on in film industry.

USD is to Alembic like what EXR is to PNG.

We do need more possibilities to move data between apps. Blender is a tremendously great tool, my major tool currently, but there must be options to work in other tools in practical pipeline!

I’m happy we’ll get FBX improvements, though.

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Alembic is the way to go for sure. FBX is a terrible format, I would rather prefer to have more resources for Alembic instead of trying to fix FBX.

FBX and Alembic store completely different types of data and have completely different uses.

@SamCameron: Agreed! I would prefer open format. However, in current situation, part of my stuff moves as OBJ, some in FBX, some in MDD and it’s getting worse. I pray that ‘big boys’ would make up their minds.


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:slight_smile: … If that were not a universal status quo … anywhere in the computer-software industry … then it would not make for a :yes: “head-bobbing :yes: I-can-relate to-that” :yes: cartoon!

It does sound like, once again, “Pixar is on to something good.” I have no doubt that the emerging standard will be “open,” and that Blender will swiftly support it. After all, Blender already has ready access to all of​ “the Python language,” and Python has no bounds.

alembic != fbx,

alembic = between 3d suits, to offline renderers

fbx = THE format to use for i/o to game engines.

so totally different scopes, I really wish we get alembic and now this new thingymajingy for blender, and I do hope FBX support just continue to be worked upon. I don´t see it going away for game engines in a forseeable future.