Pixie Project (nudity)

So this is all (with the exception of the wings texture, which is just that) of my own creation, I’ll post some more renders as soon as I have them.


What a Emo looking fairy. I would’ve never thought of that.

This is really cool and a creative idea. If I had one small suggestion, it would be to maybe try some other footwear ideas; the boots look cool, but being that pixies fly, lighter gear may be more logical.

I already had the boots on hand from another project, I do plan on changing them :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback.

You mean magical.

This is her in static pose, with a bit more generic lighting.
This shot lets you get a bit better look at her though.


Here’s her Pixie Pal.
I haven’t one much work on her yet, so there’s still a lot of “roughness around the edges”
Let me know if you like it.