Pizza Cafe (Blender & Corona Renderer)

Renders of pizza cafe based on my real-life project. Base modeling done in Sketchup, detailed in Blender, and rendered with Corona Standalone. Each scene rendered in about 1.5 hours in 1080p resolution with 100 passes. AO pass rendered with Cycles. Post-processed with Affinity Photo. Some 3D stuff are from the web.

nice design and renders.second image lighting and mood feels natural.

Thank you!

Very very nice! Corona is a beast… I hope the standalone will get support for the new IPR that the cinema4d folks have been getting, but somewhat doubt it after the chaos group merge…

Thanks! Yeah, if the IPR is supported everything could be easier, but the current exporter already does good job. Denoiser with adjustable settings after rendering is finished and the light mix is just amazing.