Inspired by @JoOngle 's hot dog i decided to give a shot at making some fast food myself.

It’s not close to perfect, but after few days (about 15 to 20 hours total) of working on it, I’m quite happy with it.

Made in blender/cycles. 500 samples.

All textures are made in GIMP from scratch, no photos used.

I hope you’ll all enjoy :slight_smile:


you’ve actually done a pretty decent job there; my only real crit would be that the cheese looks like mustard :slight_smile:

Overall, a nice job…but that pepperoni looks like salami that has not been cooked.

Jalapenos on Pizza…?

Jalapenos on Pizza…?

Why not? Anyway, very well done. Just a few things could be fixed here and there.

Thanks for the comments!

@peter18 - yeah, the cheese lacks quality the most, I completely agree. But if that’s how your mustard looks, you’ve got to change the brand, man, 'cause it’s just bad… :wink:

@Atom - it IS salami. And yes, jalapenos. Don’t judge what I put on my pizza, it’s delicious :slight_smile:

@GraphiX - thanks, mate!

They make pizza without jalapenos? What’s the point? :wink:

Pretty good. I think pizza is probably one of the hardest things to make photorealistic - especially without using photos for texturing!

Looks pretty darn tasty…
But there is no smooth fade out where the cheese touches another material.

considering that this was all painted, very nice work. However, salami & jalepenos on pizza? Pizza in Poland must be a strange thing.

I’m sorry for you, but you don’t know what you are speaking of. :eyebrowlift:


To be fair, you can get those here too, but our “normal” pizza has pepperoni and no jalepenos. I dunno if this depicts a normal pizza or just a type of pizza that OP likes. In my city we have this place, they serve a pizza with these toppings: “chick pea puree, feta, crumbled falafel, roasted red pepper”, so I am no stranger to weird pizza, come to think of it.

Tasty … :slight_smile:

Only the salami should look better with an additional normal map. I think the meat shrinks or so, when its put in the oven :wink:

Very nice indeed. I got totally hungry after seeing that Pepperoni & Jalapenos pizza, that is exactly how I like my pizza as well, I’ve eaten many Jalapenos pizzas!

The only crits I have is that you used too little time on creating a natural pan for your pizza, it’s too CG like, while the pizza bun is excellent, and the cheese is nothing short of fantastic…to make a melted cheese like that…takes serious work. However…that said, the people commenting on the Pepperoni not beeing cooked…this is correct, it looks a bit too “cartoony”.

But you got the Bun + jalapenos + ketchup + Paprika totally correct. Enough to make anyone hungry I bet :wink:

I’d eat it haha

Thanks a lot for all the comments, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

About the pizza toppings - yup, it’s not very traditional, but you can get this combination in many pizza places around here. And if it isn’t in the menu, you can still order your own combination.

I also usually make my own pizza (I like cooking), and I love to change the ingredients. Sometimes it’s mushrooms and ham, other time grilled chicken, pineapple and tomatoes. And sometimes salami, red pepper, jalapenos and olives. Depends on a mood really. Don’t judge me until you’ve tasted it :wink:

Anyway, I’m really glad you enjoyed looking at my picture, I had a lot of fun making it :slight_smile:

Very nice pizza. And jalapenos go on everything.