Hi guys,

I’m doing a test for a tutorial on making a pizza and so far I have produced the image below. Ignore the weird mapping on the tomato sauce - I have yet to figure out UV mapping in material nodes. Also ignore that there’s no table - I might add one later for the sake of the scene.


Update, I have learned how to use UV mapping in material nodes now.


Are you going to cook it at last?


Sounds like the crust is too floury…Is the cheese/tomato sauce ok?

That’s my attempt to it:


Oooh, yummy! Yours is looking a lot better than mine. Maybe add some cheese though…

Third update. I’m working hard to get the tomato sauce looking right, and I think I’ve gotten to something decent. I also added some distortion to the edge of the cheese, and a darker texture to the crust.

Here’s my current render:


It looks like it hasn’t risen yet. The crust is too thin:

Try hitting the bake button with the pizza selected, that should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Needs more pepperoni! :wink:
colors are dull
cheese needs better bump map

I’m making an Italian pizza, which would technically have a thin crust.

@Idh1109, I thought I was going pretty heavy on the pepperoni! Well, if I was to eat this I would of course put on more (meat lovers’ pizza forever!!! =D) but generally it’s not too heavy. As for the bump map, I actually used a displacement modifier. In this case there aren’t any lights hitting it at the angle to see this, but maybe that’s hinting at a specularity issue.:confused: