Place to host a team Blender Project?

I’m currently the president of a club that produces digital media and we consistently use Blender as our all in one suite in combination with GIMP and Audacity. We have multiple teams who work on different projects and at the moment we use Google Drive to host all of our assets (.blend files, images, audio tracks, etc.). It works fine for now, but it becomes hard to coordinate when various people are using various resources and uploading them as a replacement to the files currently hosted. We’ve only had one situation where someone’s work has been overwritten and luckily they had a backup but it makes me wonder, is there a better option for team collaboration? Thank you for your feedback.

Hello there, there are many solutions to teams collaboration; one that I like a lot is Visual Studio Online, the free plan let you:

  • Unlimited GIT space repository for your projects (that can be private or public);
  • Projects management with one of the AGILE methodologies (I like SCRUM);
  • And if you are using .NET, you can use the continuous integration framework for your apps (the free plan has some restrictions on this);
  • Chat rooms;
  • And more.