Places where character animators can discuss animation techniques in Blender

I have been working as a 3D character animator for many years now, and currently transitioning from Maya to Blender. I am looking for people, or a forum where character animators share/ discuss their workflows, hotkeys, scripts, etc. I am specifically interested in the highend character animation part.
Is there such a place?


I haven’t got idea about a focused section for animator but welcome to blenderartists.
And yes, it should be interesting to have an animator’s section for to discuss and to learn. A Blender’s animator reference could be Pierrick Picaut but I don’t know if he visits blenderartists, another could be Daniel Martínez Lara from Pepe School Land -. He has a postcard youtube channel but I don’t remember the name or direction.

Thanks for the info

Unfortunately this subject is pretty much underrepresented here, but you could open a thread in the animation and rigging section here in this forum about character animation techniques. I’m always curious about other people’s techniques and workflows and willing to share mine. Could be a welcome change from the typical problem/solution threads in that category.