Plague Doc

Been a bit out of the loop lately, and most of the stuff I’ve been doing has been game assets, so I really wanted to go all out and do something without having to use triangles…

Still really early on, but I plan to fully model, texture, and rig the little guy once he’s done. I’ll keep this updated with my progress as time goes on!

Liking this, will be following.

Making some progress. Not sure about the hair, but I’m getting a start on the body.

Some refinement, and a start on the many cloth pieces I plan to make for this guy.

More cloth stuff!

I’ve never been too good with hands, but I am rather happy with how they came out.

great character. i would give him sleeves, personally.

I think this is going to look great, can’t wait for the finished product.
I agree with Modron, some sleeves might be good looking too but that’s down to personal preference.

awesome, don’t forget long sleeves and gloves, and a stick with fire on top: medieval and early modern understanding of disease associated plague to corrupt air, therefore plague doctors dried the air with fire when visiting a patient. Also, the beak should be a bit longer. Good job anyway!

Thanks for the comments guys!

Think I’m almost done with the modelling portion of this project. I need to figure out some odds and ends here and there, and possibly change the hat, but overall I’m loving how its turned out.

Super cool.

I believe I’m done with the modelling. My first project working with any sort of cloth details, and while I don’t think it’s perfect in the least, I’m at least happy with how it turned out overall. Future projects I’m gonna apply what I’ve learned and go further with my understanding of how it all works.

Oooh, I liked the hat and the stitching very much :slight_smile: What caused you to change it? I saw a remark over there at polycount on the possible imbalance of the details, but I don’t think so - even with the stitching on the hat. Of course it has a lot of emphasis going into the hat and the mask. But I think this all right and a good style for this kind of toon character.

Yeah the stiching on the hat was a must keep. Great design.

Sorry guys, as much as I liked them, I just felt like they were too out of place.

First material pass. I need to rework the rim shader to properly take in account the bump map, but it does the job for the most part!

Took a little break over the weekend. Got his rig done.

Rigging him was quite the challenge. I really didn’t think about a lot of things while initially building him so I ended up paying for it during this phase. I’ll have to try and do better next time!

I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed to see the old hat go.
However, now that I have a view of the top of the new hat I am sold on it.
The belt and buckle are a perfect match for the taper.
Looking awesome, keep it up.

Yes, I agree. The new hat decoration is a good replacement for the stitches. And the clothes shader has a nice displacement.

just fantastic so far. I agree with Anthony, his hat is great.
I need to see your finished work.

Roughed him up a bit. If you guys have any crits be sure to lemme know. I’m not terribly experienced with adding wear and tear to something.