Plague Witch

Hi everyone, this is my latest work all done in Blender. A witch mistress of the worms (I reused them, made them before, based on a tutorial from Hokiroya). Hope you’ll dislike her :grinning:.



Very cool!

creepy but nice

Thank you very much !! :grinning:

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I like creepy atmospheres verrrrrrry much :wink::scream:. Thanks for your comment.

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Unbelievable!! :dizzy_face: I’m a sucker for creepy atmospheres as well! :rofl:

Decided to add 2 clay renders of my production.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you very much Bart :smiley::smiley:

You’re also on the #featured row here! :tada:

Yes crepy but beatiful !!

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Wow !! Amazing ! Thank you very much Bart. :smiley:

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Thanks for your kind comment.

Love this so much. Creepy character, tardigrade-like lamprey worm thingers, atmosphere and lighting. Top drawer!!!

Thanks so much for your comment. I have to admit that I love this character, I had to change things, to add some, to remove others before I found what I wanted for her. I know I have much to learn in composition and lightings but I try to improve my skills in each project. As I said before, I reused the worms I made before thanks to this great tutorial from Hokiroya. Anyway, I’m glad to see that some people appreciate this character. Thanks again !!! :smiley:

Scary. Love it.

Thank you very much paawweeuu !! :smiley:

Read about the creation of this scene on BlenderNation:

As for me it`s wery cute) Good job!

Thank you vert much for your comment.

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