Plains of Justice - Short Film - ABANDONED
Yes, indeed this project has been canceled. Sorry if you were looking forward to it, but it’s for the best. It really had a weak (if any) story line… but it was a good learning experience.
However, fear not! I am working on a new film with a great story (at least IMO) :stuck_out_tongue: so you can look forward to that one. When I have decent progress on it, I’ll start a thread.

=========== I decided to leave the original stuff hear just in case someone cared… i dunno… ===========

Hi guys, after communicating with my team through facebook for a while, I figured it would be easier to do it here. This way we can also get some constructive crits.

So here we are. If you would like to help out, just say so and we can chat :stuck_out_tongue:

The temporary project name is Project Paranoia - The movie name is Plains of Justice

So far, our team is as follows:

Name _________________Job _________________________ CurrentlyWorking On
Greg Zaal (ME :D) ----------- Director, Animation, Modeling ------ Too much to type…
Jack Handscombe ----------- Modeling, Physics ---------------------- Stair tumble physics
A.J. Fulcher (of iTF) --------- Modeling ------------------------------------ Laser Cannon
Rex Harby ---------------------- Modeling ------------------------------------ School Bus
F1rst16 -------------------------- Modeling, Car animation -------------- Temple interior
mikh3x4 ------------------------- Rigging -------------------------------------- NONE!!!

Cody Freeman -----------------Music ---------------------------------------- Trailer music
Viloshan Appasamy -------- Music ----------------------------------------- Nothing at the moment
Devyn Rees -------------------- SFX + VFX --------------------------------- Nothing at the moment
Shaun Stuwig------------------ SFX + VFX ---------------------------------- Trailer SFX + VFX

Funnily enough, we started working on this project with only a vague idea of the storyline (well I knew what I was talking about :P)
EDIT: Here is the basic story… note that its a hectic spoiler and should be read only be those part of Prestic Productions or those helping out or wanting to find out whether they want to help out: CLICK HERE

Just so you get an idea of the type of style and all, check these screen shot thingys from the first scene:

oh and here is the antagonist, his arm is not randomly like that for no reason, there will be a kind of staff thing with an orb on the end that he carries around…
He is the evil human god of the prestic people by the way

the render was taking too long, so i stopped it and took a screenshot. the only difference is his eyes are supposed to be bright glowing teal kind of colour. scary. and i know the cloth needs alot of work… but clothes are hard!!! anyone know what i can do?
for those of you who care, here is a pic of the model (be warned, contains nudity):

im not posting it as an image because it is a nude :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey that loooks very good so far.

Improvement of the weird looking dude would be nice…he looks kind of noobish.
Also the tires on the military vehicle look plain and plastic. Add some texture.

Gd luck with the project.

thanks, the wierd dude is supposed to be prestik (or blutack as it is called outside of south africa)… definitly will work on him though, take off the spec and all
and the humvee thing is being worked on too. it currently has no interior either

So he is made out of adhesive (this? would he just be stuck to whatever he touches? lol:confused:

haha, that wiki link doesnt work, but i suppose… i wouldnt call it adhesive, but it is meant to stick stuff… i made a stop-motion series called prestic prestige ( with lil prestic people running around killing each other. i used blender to do the titles for the more recent ones, but now im upgrading :smiley: prestic is easy to animate and i already have a whole bunch of fans for that series, so im following what they like… and the whole point is that its funny :stuck_out_tongue: my target audience knows what im talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to help out as modeler and animator

how much time do you have?
are you currently busy on any other projects?
how much experience do you have?
can you show me some of your previous work?

thanks for the offer!

Yea. OK. I have time tommorow and at knight sometimes during the day. The project im doing is done. I just decided to kill it because I had no help with it. And I already renderd like a min or two of it. looks ok. But I have been working with 3d for 3 or 4 years. animation or modeling. Heres my youtube channal, with all my work…

cool, i cant watch any vids now, running out of cap, but can you make the car wheels turn when they move??
also, could you post some images of some original modeling you did… but so far, you’re in! lol… once ive got my head around all these new recruits, ill post some things to do and all you can grab what you would like :smiley:

and i need your real name for the credits

Ok. cool. thanks. my name is sharif but just use my online name F1rst16. Id rather use that.

ok fine F1rst16 it is… so, do you think you can model us a toga with a cloth sim? its for the antagonist

and once i’ve finished animating all the car scenes, i’ll send them to you for the wheel turningness :smiley:

OK yea I can Do the wheel turning but it will have to be on a path. So when you give me the car put a path in front of it were you want it to go.because I can apply the physics and stuff.So for ex: if its thats hummer in the pic I can make a hilly terrain and that hummer physics will follow that hilly terrain. so in the blend just give me the car and with a path… use wikisend to send it. Just upload it then give me the link and I can download it.

ok cool, ill upload it when im done putting it into paths… and i prefer mediafire, its basically the same, but i already have an account…

and nevermind about the toga, i’v done most of it, i might as well carry on. could you model the inside of a temple like building? be creative… the only necesity is that there must be a throne at the end opposite the doors

Yo dude!! I’m A.J. Fulcher… you said you needed help modeling some stuff?

ok cool. OK I will model it.

thanks man…

Yo dude!! I’m A.J. Fulcher… you said you needed help modeling some stuff?

awesome! could you make some kind of futuristic mega laser cannon? use your imagination (lol… iTF… hahaha, complete coincidence)
search on google images to get inspiration. the laser gun is for the antagonist, he’s like a super evil dude with big guns. the idea is that he can carry it around, but it’s still too heavy to run with. and it’ll shoot one beeeg asss laser shot that completly obliterates things, but takes a while to charge up
hope that helps…

Oh so easy!!! I’m a laser gun finatic!! I’ve got tons of designs from previous failed movie and game projects, so I can easily get on that!!

Ok, this is an old design from a game project I was working on… needless to say it failed but the design is cool!! This is what I’m thinkin for the big laser you wanted…


hahaha sweet! cool design, great base model… all it needs is a little beefing up, like some pipes, and a place to hold! and maybe make that red thing like a transparent tube that fills up with red liquid when charging to fire (lol, saw your other thread) not sure how i’d animate it… maybe ill make a video texture by recording a plane moving with a red cloud texture… never mind i just answered myself… you just do the modelling (and textureing please) except for the red tube, ill do that.

also, i just had an idea: give the gun a sort of fold out display screen thing… i’ll do the textures for that as well… got a great idea for some humour among the action